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The client in Dubai hired us for the custom flooring work and we did an excellent job!

ClientPrivateDateApril, 2018Share

Flooring Materials

For the project, we carefully selected a high-quality flooring material that was both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Through tireless research and testing, we landed on a material that suited our client’s needs perfectly. It was soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to withstand high foot traffic.

Our carpet project in Dubai was nothing short of exceptional. We sought to create a luxurious flooring experience that left a lasting impression on those who walked upon it, and we achieved just that.

1/1 Choose Design

The next step was to choose a design that would complement the client’s desired aesthetic. We poured over countless options, considering everything from intricate patterns to simple, minimalist styles. Ultimately, we drew inspiration from the city’s vibrant culture and chose a design that captured its essence.

1/2 Choose Brand

Overall, we are proud of what we accomplished with this carpet project. Through careful planning, innovation, and collaboration with our suppliers, we created a stunning flooring experience that the client and their guests are sure to enjoy for years to come.